Beautiful Greece Butcher Shop

Artists Nafsika Riga and ASK (Andreas Stavrianoudakis-Kampas) invite you to experience and become part of the Butcher shop “Beautiful Greece” 2014.

An evolving art event, the Butcher shop “Beautiful Greece” visits different cities aiming to express the social and political aspects of each destination. The artists leverage the space with the aid of the participants to shape an ever growing mashup of different cultural perceptions and aesthetics.

The project began its journey in 2012 in Crete under the “Invisible city” festival, organized by the Association of Architects of Heraklion. In 2013 “Beautiful Greece” was presented in Vienna at the Guido Van Rats Gallery, as part of the Dada da Academy Restaurant and the “Phenomena” exhibition, curated by Michela Pelusio. This year, the Butcher shop “Beautiful Greece” takes place in Athens at the CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point.

Guest artists:

Konstantinos Karatasos (musician/live music performance)
Ino Riga (movement)
Michela Pelusio (performance)
Paris Legakis (performance)
Nikos Ioannidis (performance)

Supporting team:

Stathis Alexopoulos (stamp sculpture)
Lucas Willmam (chef)
Manolis Tzanidakis (technical support and programming)
Anthi Mouriadou (graphic design)

Curated by Nafsika Riga and Andreas Stavri


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