Interview to Hilton Athens Magazine

Stathis Alexopoulos stands out as an artist for the wide range of his work and the particular technique he applies in his sculptures. He successfully ties classical and modern elements together and insists that contemporary sculpture should be based on the enduring values of classical sculpture. For him, it means that form defines the work and its contents.

Several works of his adorn public spaces to critical acclaim. He studied sculpture at the Tinos Panormou Fine Art School and at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki, where he graduated with honours. The exhibitionHubsallows Stathis Alexopoulos to take us on a trip into the world of sculptures, whichalbeit silenthas so much to tell us.

What is the title of the exhibition and how did you decide on it?

The title of the exhibition is “Hubs”. It is a term I borrowed from particular morphological elements that are part of my sculptures. If you zoom in on their main features, formed by straps, ribbons and bands, you notice that these in turn form hubs, which is what led me to the title.

These hubs, they seem to be the trademark of your work. Is it true that at most fine art schools the teaching staff encourages the students to leave their own “personal unique mark”?

My work is not limited to one specific style but concerns itself with various movements, both classical and contemporary, even with design. The idea of the hubs came into being while I was experimenting at the School of Fine Arts. Generally, in the schools, art is taught as is technique; the personal touch is an individual choice of every artist depending on his inner needs to express himself.

What influences do you have?

First and foremost, I am influenced by the works of outstanding creative personalities, and not only contemporary ones, and generally, by everything that stirs my imagination and provides creative inspiration so as to function as a starting point for me. I admire not only great artists such as Henry Moore and Tony Cragg but also film directors like Stanley Kubrick.

Stathis Stathopoulos’ sculpture exhibition “Hubs” on display at the Hilton Athens lobby. Curators: Els Hanappe – Lazarus Siakos. Exhibition duration: 24 April – 10 June.